How to stop spamming SMS that cost you money?

Have you ever wonder how or why are you getting SMS from some unknown source?

Don’t wonder, you’ll never know cause there is so many possibility.

I’ve register for free wifi accounts in some cafe, downloaded some apps which have “interesting” app icon (i think most guys would do that).

Saw my Maxis phone bill for last month, 12 spamming SMS that cost RM 3.00 each. I got charged RM 36.00 every month on those receiving those god damn SMS.

If your not sure what type of sms am i talking about, below are some of the SMS i received.

RM3.00 Exhausted? Come and have FUN games! Type ON ARENA send to 39800

FYI: See the “RM3.00″ on the beginning of the SMS? Is the rules and regulation for Malaysia that all SMS that will charge the user should show the price at the beginning of the SMS.


Reply the SMS by sending STOP (All in capital letters) and you’ll opt-out from receiving them bloody SMS.

For my case, I send STOP to 39800. Thank you for the Maxis receptionist (who seems to answer me as if lots of suckers like me asking her the same question everyday.)   :-)

Dear Maxis receptionist, Bless you.

You money sucking SMS spammer, Burn in hell!!