Setting up Apache & PHP on Windows the manual way.

There is quite a few easy options to run PHP in a Window OS, there is Microsoft’s IIS, Apache Friend’s Xampp, Wamp Server. Tried setting up via Xampp on my Mac, ended up with lots of confusion after skipping a lot of process.

So decided to do it the manual way, is a bit confusing to search for a tutorial on doing this.
Then comes a youtube video link shared by a PHP fan (Thanks Moh, your a life saviour).

After completed the steps, I have problem starting the Apache Services. Checked the Event Log and found “Apache error – cound not bind to address 0.0.0.:80“.

Realized that I had Microsoft IIS installed and running as well, I do not want to stop the IIS services as my main task are done in .NET. So I went to look for solutions.

I end up change the Apache Server to use a different port from a forum post, here are the steps:

  1. look for httpd.conf which is located in “conf” folder inside your Apache folder. (For my case is C:\apache\conf)
  2. Search for the words that starts with “Listen“, somewhere around line 120.
  3. Change “Listen 80” to “Listen <new port number>
  4. Save and start the Apache Services.
  5. Done

After that, I start testing my first PHP code with phpinfo() (The “Hello World” test seems to be boring for me).

My first PHP code runs and I continue on setting up Yii Framework


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