Android Project “NoClassDefFoundError” after ADT 17 upgrade

Was in the middle of bug fixing and enhancing 3 Android Projects of mine today, noticed that ADT 17 is out, so decided to upgrade it.

Before the upgrade, my projects seems to be running and working fine.
After the upgrade,  everything seems to crash and the following error is shown at LogCat

04-04 05:10:31.249: E/dalvikvm(230): Could not find method, referenced from method

After google around, found that someone found the solutions, here are the steps I’ve done:

  1. Remove the libraries from the standard Java build path:
    Right click on the project name > Properties > Java Build Path > tab libraries > remove everything except the “Android x.x” (1.6 in my case) and the “Android Dependencies”
  2. Create a folder named “libs” in the project
  3. copy and paste all the external .jar that is required in your project folders via Window Explorer.
  4. Go back to Eclipse and refresh the project and build your project. (I’m developing in Window Environment)
  5. If successful, you’ll be able to see “Android Dependencies” have the list of external .jar files that your project is referencing.
Here are the screen shots of before and after the changes:
Before upgrade to ADT 17
Before upgrade to ADT 17
After upgrade to ADT 17
After upgrade to ADT 17
The original link to the post that help me solve this issue. Link